On behalf of Ballymena Rifle and Pistol Club and the Ulster Rifle Association we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who gave of their time to make this match happen, from taking the entries, preparing the required paperwork, to building the stages, the range staff on the day including the stats and of course the cook who kept the food warm during a very erratic lunch break.

We also must mention the range staff and competitors who stayed behind to dismantle the stages on ranges three and four.

We are pleased to tell you that a total of £1309 was raised from match entry fees after deductions for the food.

A further £220 was raised by some individuals who paid an entry fee for the match knowing that they were not available to shoot but wanted to make a contribution and also some people who paid a donation well above the required entry fee. You all know who you are so we don’t feel that we have to name individuals.

David’s wife Liz left out money that was donated in lieu of flowers at his funeral and along with the bucket collection on the day raised a further £503 .

Thanks to very generous sponsorship from Mervyn Young of Young Guns, Castledawson, David Corr of Corr Tactical and  some items from Double Alpha we were pleased to be able to hold a raffle on the day with the prizes distributed among the competitors and range staff.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the day was when we announced that thanks to the very generous sponsorship from Mervyn Young of Young Guns, Castledawson that he had also put up a CZ .22 pistol to be raffled and all proceeds from the ticket sales to also go to The MacMillan Cancer Unit at Antrim area Hospital.

Ticket sales on the day have raised a further £610 and it is the intention of Ballymena Rifle and Pistol Club to continue the sale of these tickets for a couple more weeks before the draw takes place.

Once again we would like to thank you all for taking part and supporting this very worthy cause.

On behalf of BRPC & URA

Many thanks,

Geoffrey and Sam.
BRPC would like to take this opportunity to update all of the people who took part in all of the recent rifle and pistol competitions and indeed everyone who contributed by way of donations and the running of the competitions.

A special thanks to Mr Mervyn Young of Young Guns Castledawson for his very kind sponsorship of prizes for the BRPC/URA David Bodel memorial Practical Pistol Match and the sponsorship of a CZ Kadet .22 Pistol for a raffle.

Thanks also to Mr David Corr for the sponsorship of 5.11 goods for the same match.
All of the proceeds from the following matches will be donated McMillan Cancer Units,
The Somme Commemoration Shoot and the Sporting Rifle Shoot held at BRPC 300m rifle range and the BRPC/URA practical pistol shoot.

The grand total from all of the above come to £3885 and at a recent committee meeting of BRPC the decision was made to bring the grand total to £5000 in memory of the late David Bodel. The presentation will take place at the McMillan Unit,  Antrim Area Hospital on the 27/10/17 at 2pm where we will have one of the nurses make the draw for the  CZ Kadet pistol. The winner will be notified ASAP.

Once again thanks to all who contributed in any way.