I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Region Members and Affiliated Clubs  who sent get well messages during my recent stay in both Antrim Area Hospital and The Royal Victoria Hospital and to those members who visited me in Hospital. Some people questioned whether I actually had a heart but I can assure them that my surgeon did find one and i am happy to say that he appears to have done a great job with the repairs and I continue to make a good recovery.
On the day I was admitted to Hospital we had made a start on building the stages for a Charity  Practical Pistol Match to be sponsored by Mr Brian Swann in Memory of his late Mother Peggy Swann who died at the age of 102. The Match was  jointly run by the URA and BRPC. After some discussion with the URA and BRPC it was agreed that the proceeds from this match would be split between The Waveney and Antrim Cardiac Support Group and The McMillan Unit at Antrim Area Hospital. Brian Swann secured raffle prizes from himself, Hollow Farm, Beattie’s of Ballycarry, Maryland Country Sports and John McKay chairman of BRPC.
Thanks to the hard work of the stage builders, stats people and of course the Range Officers the match proved to be a great success. I am happy to report that thanks to donations from individual IPSCNI members , Range Officers and Competitors the total sum raised was £1600 which will be divide equally between the two charities.
I must also congratulate the hard working team at Bracken under the leadership of K. McC on the success of their recent matches which were very well thought of by all who took part. I believe that these matches are only the start of what promises to more great matches in the future.
Congratulations must also go to Kells Rifle and Pistol Club on the success of their Level II sanctioned match on 20/07/2019. The team at Kells have been building up to this match for some time and I was happy to be part of the RO team on the day. The match ran very smoothly and was enjoyed by all of the competitors i spoke to.
I must also thank all of the other affiliated clubs and their members for their continued support of IPSCNI and the excellent matches which they continue to provide for the region members. I cannot of course close without thanking my fellow Executive Committee members the stage builders, stats people and Range Officers within all the clubs without whom none of the above would happen.
Best Regards,
Geoffrey McBride.
Regional Director NIR.