IPSC (Practical Shooting) in the United Arab Emirates was initiated in 2011 – 2012 with the general goals of establishing the sport of Practical Shooting on solid foundations, and to promote its growth and safeguard its principles.

The UAE Practical Shooting association has been approved during the General Assembly of the IPSC in October 2016. United Arab Emirates Practical Shooting Association is conducting activities by running Handgun and Action Air matches. 

It is essentially composed of Police Officers mainly from Abu Dhabi and Dubaï Emirates, but it is quickly expending and thanks to the Action Air activity it is now accessible to the public.

We hope to announce in the near future both Action Air and IPSC Handgun matches level I and II and III (and more) opened to the public and to all IPSC shooters visiting the United Arab Emirates.

Contact us ipsc.uae@gmail.com