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How can I shoot an IPSC match in the UAE?

We hope to announce in the near future both Action Air and IPSC match Handgun level I and II and III (and more) open to the public and to all IPSC shooters who would visit the United Arab Emirates.

At the moment, we are an emerging sport in the United Arab Emirates, and there is no afilliated club other than Action Air. Our goal is first and foremost to educate people, promote our sport and make it part of the recognized sports in the country. So follow our calendar and don’t hesitate to contact us, show your interest, and whynot help us in building IPSC in the UAE.

What are the Law rules regarding Weapons and Firearms in the UAE?

Weapons laws in the UAE. The importation and possession of a weapon is governed by Federal Law No. 3 of 2009 regarding Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives.

Can I possess, or buy, or import a handgun in the UAE?

In order to import and keep a Weapon, a license must be obtained. The application process for obtaining the license then varies depending on the item in question, and its intended use.

Usually, residents and expatriates are not allowed to buy, possess and/or carry weapons in the UAE. The UAE has really low homicide rates, and it has one of the lowest gun-crime rates in the world.

Sanctions and Penalties?

From various internet sources: the penalties for importing and/or possessing an illegal Weapon in the UAE can vary from imprisonment for six months and/or a fine of not less than fifteen thousand Dirhams, up to imprisonment for a maximum of ten years and/or a fine of not less than fifteen thousand Dirhams.

Should a matter be referred to the National Security Court, the maximum sentence of imprisonment may be longer, and critically, there is no right of appeal from any sentence handed down by that court.

Innocent mistakes or failure to establish the correct process for obtaining a license can have very serious consequences.

Who can buy guns in the UAE?

According to the Abu Dhabi Police, UAE citizens without criminal records can avail certificates of good conduct needed for buying and licensing guns and other hunting weapons during the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (Adihex) which is held every year in September.

How to practice shooting?

Shooting clubs all around the Emirates allow tourists, residents and UAE citizens to practice shooting. Fees vary from a club to another. Expatriates and UAE citizens can rent guns in shooting clubs.