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The Jamaica Rifle Association (JRA) formally affiliated with the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) in 1996, and as such comprises the regional entity “IPSC JAMAICA” as the primary activity of the Practical Shooting Group. The National Range Officers Institute (NROI JAMAICA) was then formally established in 2011. The JRA has since affiliated several FLA-approved ranges under IPSC JAMAICA.

NROI JAMAICA regularly holds IPSC range officer training seminars at the JRA and affiliated ranges, and administers the National Range Official Maintenance nroiProgram. Certified range officials have to earn a minimum of 6 match points per year to maintain certification, and may earn activity points towards International Range officer Association (IROA) accreditation by working at international matches (Level 3 and above).

Our records reflect the following members hold current NROI JAMAICA qualifications as at 11-JAN-2016:




Chief Range Officer (CRO):

Andrew Gardner
Richard Wong
Collington Rowe


Alastair Stewart
Latoya Wright
Gillian Nunez

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Range Officer (RO):

Richard Alexander
Carlington Brissett
Yeonie Campbell-Simpson
Harrison Chin Hing
Kayree-Ann Daley
Howard Forrest
Christopher Hart
Greg Henry
Andrew Lamb
Clayton Foster
Kurt McDowell
Keith Miller
Christopher Nunez
Aceion Prescott
Robin Rickhi
Gib Samuels
Dwayne Smith
George Stewart
Tanya Stewart
Marc Whyte
Diijon Young
Sanitino Lawson
Renee Rickhi
Karl-Marx Wynter
Ashannafi Rowe  


George Bowes
Devon Campbell
Staton Cheddesingh
Damian Chung
Kenneth Ennis
Donald Gittens
Richard Harvey
Anthony Johnson
David Lazarus
Kevon Martin
Selvin McPherson
Lennox Moulton
Jeremy Richards
Natalia Gooden
Paul Smith
Morton Stewart
Marlan Vickers
Neil Yap Sam
Ferris Ziadie
Ronald Richards Sr.
Paul Haughton
Evan Medley
Andrew Yap

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Stats Officer (SO):

George Bowes
Andrew Gardner
David Lazarus
Alastair Stewart
Richard Wong
Nina Batista  


Carole Fraser
Christopher Hart
Christopher Nunez
Tanya Stewart
Ryan Bramwell
Stacey-Anna Delisser

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Quarter Master (QM):

David Dukharan
David Rickman


Errol Lee
Paul Smith

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