2015FAF-Overall-FINAL   |  2015FAF-Stages-FINAL

Great Morning To All Emoji,
2015 Fast & Furious is now history, in every sense of the word. The Woodleigh Team would like to express it’s gratitude and appreciation to you all for the support, as you know without you it would not have been possible. Apart from the fun of the actual competition,  the presentations of the separate “burials” at the end of the day made the Woodleigh vibe that much more enjoyable.
We think it is appropriate that we mention some special people who have put their best foot forward to make us look good,
To all our sponsors we say a BIG thank you as without your support, it would not have been possible,The Negril Team for travelling all the way to work with us, the JRA Team for their continued support as usual, all the hard working CROs/ROs who makes each and every stage run smoothly and most importantly extremely SAFE, to the Top Loaf team for the food and drinks, Al Stewart for the guidance and for keeping Lennie on his toes, Tanya Stewart and her stats team for the scoring, and all the behind the scene people who have contributed in some way that makes things run that much more efficiently, and last but indeed definitely not the least all you competitors, (except Dahlia Alert) as without you there is no match, Woodleigh appreciates every bit of all your support.
Congratulations to all our winners, scores are attached. The photographer has assure us that the Woodleigh Facebook page should have some stuff uploaded later so check it.
Next stop “Todd Jarrett Invitational” at The Negril Tactical Shooting Range December 11-13, main match day is Saturday the 12th. JRA members interested in this match are asked to indicate your intentions ASAP to Christine Daley to make arrangements for support of the match. This will be run under USPSA rules, 9 stages 250 rounds.
Manchester Rifle & Pistol Club will also host their monthly match on Sunday the 13th, so please support also.
Thanks All, and have a safe and peaceful holiday when it comes EmojiEmojiEmoji.
Team Woodleigh.