Attached are the results from today’s Monster Match.  The details pertaining to the Divisions and stages are in the files attached.
Congratulations to the Division winners for their placing in the match.
A big round of thanks to everyone who helped setup and run the match. More help means that the work is lighter for all, so remember to offer assistance with setup, picking up brass, taping targets, resetting steel or scoring.  Thanks to Latoya Wright, Chris Hart, David Lazarus, Richard Wong, Selvin MacPherson, Keith Ennis, Patrick Evelyn, Andrew Yap and all who helped to make the match a success.
Next week we do it again with more exciting stages, and invite your participation.  We will begin shooting at 11:00am and will not accept any entries beyond 3:00pm. 
Tomorrow’s destination is Woodleigh for Fast and Furious!!!  See you there.
Andrew R. Gardner